My vision

« From cave paintings to satellite photos, from earthy colors to blue and green shades, from the simple black line to the mix of the primary colors, everything that touches me and moves me is between heaven and Earth.
I paint on world maps, subway plans or cities guides and I picture the earth from the sky.
I paint on wood, burlap, on mixtures of soil, sand and raw materials. I make films, sharing stories and emotions.
Here I leave my testimony of belonging to the past, future and present.»


1. Cavalier 1998 - 1mx1m 4. Detail 4. Fish and bird man II


COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION A Galerie, The Royal West Moreland, Barbados.


COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION Téléthon 2003 , 57 artists, 256 toiles, 30% of the profits offered to the Téléthon, City Hall of Le Lamentin, Martinique.

SOLO EXHIBITION Semaine de la Martinique, Librairie Ler Devagar, Lisbonne, Portugal.


SOLO EXHIBITION Brown Sugar Restaurant, Bridgetown, Barbados.

SOLO EXHIBITION untituled « NOMADES » Waterfront café, Bridgetown, Barbados.


EXHIBITION Kirby Gallery Bridgetown, Barbados.


SOLO EXHIBITION untituled« VOYAGE » Casino Plazza Batelière, Martinique.


Mural of  5 x 20 m painted over 3 days with participation of the public , Rue Joseph Compère Fort de France, Martinique.

With participation of « Les Peintures SIAPOC », special authoriaation from the City Hall and Mayor Aimé Césaire


SOLO EXHIBITION Magasin Expo, Lamentin, Martinique.

COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION IRAVM, Institut Régional des Arts Visuels de la Martinique.


SOLO EXHIBITION Le Queen’s Club, Fort de France, Martinique.